An indie animated series about Faye a young monster hunter and her quest to stop the curse that's turning her into a monster.


Faye is a young monster hunter, who was cursed during a past failed mission. This curse erased her memory and is slowly turning her into a monster. Faye travels from town to town alongside her mentor and companion, Iván, looking for a cure. During their trip they face all sorts of supernatural beings and other monster hunters who want to capture Faye. Through her journey Faye will discover the true nature of her curse and will learn how to use her new skills to protect the people she loves.

Meet the Hunters


Faye is a 19 year old monster hunter. Faye is an adventurous, brave, competitive and very impulsive person. Her desire to find a cure and go back to being normal often blinds her. Faye often launches herself to the slightest chance of finding a cure without taking notice of the risks. Faye wants to stand out as a monster hunter and looks for the approval of her mentor Ivan. Ivan often refrains from acknowledging Faye as a monster hunter. Faye sees Iván as her mentor and inspiration, but also as her closest friend since he is the one of the most important bonds that she has since she lost her memories.


Iván is an expert monster hunter. He is a descendant of Dante Paura, the very first monster hunter and founder of the Monster Hunter Association (MHA). Iván deals with the expectation of his father Giorno who wants Ivan to take over and become the next leader of the MHA. Iván is extroverted, charismatic, rigid and a little bit egocentric at times. Iván often lies to avoid facing complex situations. Iván doesn’t enjoy being a monster hunter. He thinks the job is far more dangerous than people think.
Iván appreciates Faye’s companionship but he can’t possibly see her as a fellow monster hunter.


Monster hunters takes place in an universe where cryptid, paranormal and supernatural beings exist and are illegal. The Monster Hunter Association (MHA) captures, studies and eradicates these beings. The MHA was founded by the first hunters: Paura, Tremare, Tillinghast and Blackwood with the goal to protect humanity.
Anybody can be a monster hunter but only the descendants of the first 4 monster hunters can lead the ACDM. Civilians must report any sights of a cryptid. Any activity that could summon a supernatural being is forbidden. Some of the creatures that the MHA captures are Ghosts, Witches and wizards, Lycanthropes, Wendigos, Skinwalkers, Demons, Vampires, Undead among many others.